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The Benefits of Domain Names

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benefits of domains

benefits of domains

The internet is opening up the most wonderful new opportunities to share information and communicate with people quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

A domain name is a unique internet address, no two are the same. People use them to send you email messages and to find your website (if you have one).

The benefits of domain names are so great that over twenty million have already been registered worldwide. The financial value of quality domain names is also reflected in the fact that the name was recently sold for $7,500,000 (BBC News Online, 6.1.2000).

The benefits of having your own domain name can include:

Enjoying a unique address on the Internet for emails and websites that need never change. People can contact you using the same permanent domain name but you have the freedom to change where you receive them as often as you feel this appropriate. You don’t, for example, have an internet address tied to a single internet service provider, employer, institution or club. You have an address that looks impressive. looks better than and the use of it does not cease when you leave a specific agency or change your internet service provider. You also avoid being tied by another organization’s rules and regulations. There are, for example, strict controls on the use of domains with and suffixes.

You are ready for the future when a lack of a domain name will almost certainly be similar to not having a telephone number or postal address. If you register domain names now you also have the opportunity to register the type of quality name that is unlikely to be available in future years (for example your personal name or a simple description of the goods you sell).

Having a suitable internet address for on-line trading and enjoying all the benefits of eCommerce. This includes providing communications and information worldwide in a cheap and efficient manner, easily updating prices and special offers, taking payment online and gaining access to customers who never previously knew of your existence. For further information about the benefits of E-commerce, visit

Running your own website to keep family and friends informed of your news, to display holiday photos or promote events run by your favorite club or charity.
Having an impressive internet presence yet continuing, if you wish, to use a free internet service provider

Avoiding having to rent a sub-domain name from a commercial company and the potentially harmful consequences of being tied to a specific organization by registering quality names while they are still available, signally that you were quick to appreciate the importance of the internet and the opportunities it offers. This might particularly look good on a curriculum vitae or directory listing.

Your website will not be rejected by the search engines, directories and listings that only accept webpages with proper domain names (not a sub-domains linked to someone else’s domain name) gaining an advantage over competitors by registering the generic names of the products that you all offer for sale. For example, is only available to one registrant and it might as well be you if this is your line of business.

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