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Using a Domain Name as the basis of a permanent Email Address

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Email addresses are made up of an alias in front of the @ sign, followed by your domain name.

The alias can consist of any combination of normal letters or numbers, the underscore (“_”) or full stop (“.”). It does not matter whether you use CAPITAL letters or lower case letters or any MixTuRE of both.

The alias (special marker before the @ sign) is not part of the domain name and by default, any Email which ends in the will be forwarded on to a single external email address of your choice. Most companies and organizations will want Emails with different aliases forwarded to different sections or members of staff, eg forwarded to an appropriate member of staff in the sales department, to the technical specialists and to the customer support department. This facility is easily achieved through our Control Panel service.

When you register a domain name you are obtaining an Internet address that is unique in the world. Having obtained the name you then have to tell us where you want your Emails forwarded to and where the webpages relating to it are hosted. This can be your current commercial or free Internet service provider, or a facility currently provided by a business, university, school, professional association, etc. If you need help with setting up the Email we have provided help pages explaining this.

The beauty of having your own domain name is that you avoid all the problems of having a domain name address for emails and websites that ties you to an unsatisfactory or expensive Internet provider. It is highly unlikely that most people will want to stay with the same provider for years and years yet many have an email address that they lose as soon as they change their internet service provider. Similar many people do not realize that the email they may be provided with by an employer, university, professional association, etc. will have to change once they are no longer part of that organization. The cost of changing email and website addresses can be huge in terms of lost contacts and re-printing of stationery, etc. It is much better to register a proper domain name(s) of your own that you can maintain for as long as you wish to use them.

When you register a quality domain name through we receive emails addressed to it on our servers and then forward them to the place where you normally pick up your emails. Each time you change the latter you just tell us the new Email address from where you want to pick up Emails and us forward all emails with your quality domain name to this temporary address. You have the freedom to change the provider of your internet services as often as it appropriate while your clients, family and friends continue to use the same quality domain name whenever they want to contact you. Further information. If you don’t yet have access to the Internet you can still register domain names for future use. They will then be available when you do need an Internet presence.

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